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Can’t get there with a 4 x 4 vehicle? Not a problem for Robertson Geo

The terrain along the 22km of the N22 road in County Cork, Ireland requires over 20 bridges to be constructed.

Robertson Geo was commissioned to log 17 shallow boreholes with the resulting information to be used to assist fracture identification and slope stability analysis. The borehole depth ranged from 9 through 33m, with an 86mm OD.

Working in remote and boggy areas, often inaccessible by 4×4 vehicles, Engineers were able to employ the portable 150m capacity Mini Winch system, which can be carried to any location to complete logging services. Its 3/16” 4-core cable was connected to a Micrologger2 system.

Logging of the 17 boreholes was successfully completed during a single site mobilisation over a period of 3 days. The Optical Televiewer was successfully deployed with 100% reliability, and mapping of faults and fractures was completed to the customer satisfaction.

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