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Operational training by expert field personnel

Robertson Geo offers operational training for winch use, probe deployment, logging techniques, data capture, and equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.

These Training schedules are flexible (from one to five days) and customised, depending on the experience levels and focus of attendees. Training certificates and electronic copies of manuals and test data are provided and whilst it is preferable that training is undertaken at the Deganwy calibration and test well facility, training can also be conducted at the customers’ site, including international locations.

Here’s an example of a one day training schedule for: Winch; Televiewer; Temperature/ Conductivity Probe; Water Sampler; Winlogger:

HSE and Site Induction

Logging Overview
   • Winch Overview/Safety
   • Depth System
   • Logging System Setup
   • Borehole Safety
   • Power Safety

Optical Televiewer
   • Software Overview
   • Centralisation
   • Basic Usage

Data Export

   • Winlogger Overview
   • NGAM calibration
   • Depth Setup (Up/Down logs)
   • Basic Usage

Water Sampler
   • Basic Usage

   • Depth Matching
   • Data Merging
   • Data Export
   • PDF conversion

Summation and additional software overview

A dedicated support team can provide after training assistance for technical queries. Customised quotations can be obtained through Graham Comber, Logging Services Manager, at

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