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PS Logger videos

YouTube playlist now features PS Logger tutorial videos

Robertson Geo has been regularly deploying the PS Logger throughout the world, especially for offshore projects where alternative methods are impractical. The list of projects includes wind farms, bridges, port extensions, oil and gas sub-surface infrastructure and nuclear power plants.

The UK is a world leader in the development of offshore wind farms. Rock strength information is key to engineers designing foundations for the massive structures which support the latest generation of turbines. Operating from jack-up platforms or from drill ships, marine resistant technology developed by Robertson Geo has allowed the PS Logger to be routinely deployed.

From unconsolidated soils to the hardest of rocks, the PS logger gives proven results. Simplicity of deployment combined with a minimum of borehole preparation and the ability to obtain high quality velocity data in unconsolidated formations and hard rocks make the PS Logger a sound economic choice for Geotechnical and Civil Engineers investigating rock strength.

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