3-Arm Caliper

The 3-Arm Caliper probe provides a single continuous log of borehole diameter as recorded by three mechanically coupled arms in contact with the borehole wall.


The Gyro probe acquires borehole inclination/azimuth logs in situations where metal casing or magnetic materials around the borehole prevent use of the standard verticality probe.

Borehole Geometry

The Borehole Geometry probe consists of a 4-arm caliper combined with a verticality measurement.

Full Waveform Sonic/CBL

The Full Waveform Sonic probe uses a dual-transmitter dual-receiver array to provide high quality formation acoustic-velocity data.


The Verticality probe provides accurate, continuous measurements of borehole inclination and direction.

Sonar Caliper

The Sonar Caliper Probe has been developed to provide a scaled and orientated cross-section of large bores, shafts, caverns and trench walls; combining accurate diameter measurement with a fully orientated 360° view of its surroundings.


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Slimhole Probe