Why Choose Robertson Geo?

No one has more experience than Robertson Geo.

We have been at the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of wireline logging technologies and techniques, delivering quality log data for over 40 years across thousands of applications globally.


A mature ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System encompassing engineering design, manufacture, calibration, HSE, commercial management and logging operations governs quality and drives a continuous improvement ethos. A fundamental and relentless commitment to building HSEQ culture and best practice are at the core of all company activities and processes. As an end-user of our own products, the engineering feedback loop from direct field experience leads to continuous product and process improvements. We do not expect our customers to field test our designs and then deal with the headaches that result from having no control over field development testing. Our technologies are field-hardened, fit for purpose and proven by ourselves.

“Robertson Geo continues to develop, manufacture and supply the very best of quality, ready to go, geophysical technologies, conveyance and surface equipment.”
Simon Garantini
Managing Director


Robertson Geo is proud that our ISO customer surveys show consistent satisfaction rates approaching 100%. We actively seek, listen and act on feedback, striving to continually improve our processes and operations execution to be the best available in the industry. A strong culture and a commitment to ethics and compliance underpin our entire company approach to making Robertson Geo your partner of choice. We believe collaboration and transparency are keys to shared success with our customers.


All of our logging systems are OEM supported and factory calibrated within a rigorous ISO quality management framework, no other supplier can match that. We design robust quality products, engineered to be reliable and built to last with many systems still operating many years after purchase. Robertson Geo stands by its products and offers an industry leading two-year comprehensive warranty backed by an extensive inventory that allows for quick repairs even to many older systems, giving you the confidence that we are here to support you for the long term.


As the world’s largest vendor of slim-hole logging instrumentation, Robertson Geo designs and manufactures almost all equipment in-house drawing on accumulated expertise and know-how gained over 40+ years. Diverse users of equipment include water authorities, mining houses, civil engineering consultants, aid organisations, offshore geotechnical engineers, petrophysicists, drilling companies and oil companies, worldwide. Robertson Geo logging equipment is currently deployed in over 162 countries across seven continents and is regarded as the industry reference for downhole Geophysics.


Robertson Geo reinvests greater than 10% of group revenues back into R&D activities with a commitment to continuous Research & Development programmes, often in partnership with leading UK and overseas universities. Our Engineering team comprises of ten engineers, many with subject matter expertise and diverse geology,
geophysics, manufacturing and design experience. Recent pioneering developments include a world-first 4-core 3,000m camera system (RGeo-eye®), an openhole slim oilfield Quad-combo Petrophysics logging suite (GeoKey®), and coming in 2021, a revolutionary stackable Geophysics logging platform incorporating many industry firsts (GeoKeyAgile®).

Compliance & Traceability

Robertson Geo understands that outcomes are dictated by data quality and that compliance is the key to success. Our in-house calibration processes, on-site borehole, tool certification and ISO systems ensure compliance with industry references. Most clients need this traceability and no other manufacturer can offer technologies that can satisfy these criteria. Tools are calibrated to recognised Industry standards and then run in our in-house test well to verify tool response to within tight tolerances established from data gathered over 30 years and 1000’s of runs. These assurance processes are vital to delivering traceable and valid log data to end users and to meet numerous international mining standards and technical/economic considerations for Public Reports including the JORC, CIM, UNFC, CRIRSCO, PERC, SAMREC, SME and MRC standards.

Support & Training

At Robertson Geo we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest possible standards of service and support. We understand that time is money and delays cost. Comprehensive in-house expertise & support from geophysics, engineering and software teams is available through our dedicated engineering support hotline. We can provide training tailored to your requirements and deliver this in-house utilising our onsite borehole, via online conference or on your job site. A dedicated YouTube support channel is growing to ensure you have access to the information and training you need to support your operations 24/7.

“No one has a better record of cost effective field results, integrity of equipment design and services.”
Steve Parry
Director Sales & Marketing.

Rental & Service

Robertson Geo offers a comprehensive range of technologies which are available for projects or to cover short term requirements. We can support your operation with training and assistance to ensure you deliver for your customer. If you need service, we can deploy expert crews globally to acquire data for projects of any scale through our service division, RGeo-Services, which is the provider of choice for your project regardless of scale. We can respond to your needs, planned or an emergency, with less than 24 hours notice. Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable industry leading levels of service while seeking to provide the highest quality borehole data in the most time-efficient, cost-effective and safest manner possible to inform your decision making. RGeo-Services is accredited to ISO9001:2015 and all engineers are certified through an ISO competency framework in the use of all systems and all data is QC verified by a qualified geophysicist. Fast data package delivery targeting a 24-hour turnaround is standard in addition to field data and final reports as necessary.


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