1. Robertson Geo established as Robertson Research Engineering Services Ltd. Development begins on our first logging system.
  2. The Geolog 1000 logging system is launched. The world’s first ‘digital’ mineral logging system.
  3. Robertson Geo wins its first national logging contract with 13 units working country wide for British Coal.
  4. Robertson Geo expands its logging services opening offices in South Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. Robertson Geo makes its first domestic logging sale.
  5. Robertson Geo expands its services in New Zealand and Mainland China. Robertson Geo makes its first international equipment sale to Thailand.
  6. Robertson Geo launches the Geolog 2000 logging system offering the digital recording of data.
  7. Robertson Geo launches the V104 Recorder an advanced digital recording system.
  8. Robertson Geo becomes Robertson Geologging Ltd via a management buyout. Robertson Geo launches the Driller Operated Unit, the world’s first stand-alone driller operated logging system.
  9. Robertson Geo develops the RG Portalog the world’s first portalog digital logging system offering built-in printing and recording capabilities Launch of the 4-Arm Dipmeter.
  10. Launch of the Geolog 5000 advanced logging system with digital recording and built-in full width thermal printer.
  11. RG PC-Logger - a new portable laptop operated system with built-in thermal printer.
  12. OYO Corporation Japan becomes a major shareholder. Robertson Geo has a joint venture with Geoscience Australia to provide services. RGLDIP image processing and interpretation software is launched.
  13. Robertson Geo establishes RG Sarl France, providing logging services in mainland Europe. RG Pologger is launches offering the latest built-in printing and recorder capabilities.
  14. RG Televiewer - the first generation acoustic televiewer is launched. RG Minilogger - the world’s first self-contained backpack water-well logger in launched.
  15. Robertson Geo produces its first generation 3000m 3/16” cable electric winch.
  16. Robertson Geo launches its new logging platform the RG Micrologger with Winlogger data acquisition software. The RG intelligent laptop controlled Smart Winch is also launched.
  17. Robertson Geo establishes RGUSA offering sales and support for North & South America. The RG Videologger - an advanced portable logging/CCTV system is launched.
  18. RG OPTV - the first generation optical televiewer is launched.
  19. The Micrologger II is launched and fast becomes the world’s best-selling logging system.
  20. RG HRAT - the second generation acoustic televiewer is launched.
  21. Robertson Geo updates the older OYO analogue technology and launches the first generation digital PS Suspension Logger.
  22. Robertson Geo establishes a joint venture with RGGA Brisbane to provide logging services in Australia.
  23. Robertson Geo develops its first generation Borehole Sonar.
  24. Robertson Geo establishes RGASIA offering sales support for the Middle East, Indian Sub, Asia and Australia.
  25. GeoKey - the first generation slim-hole oilfield tools are launched offering Triple and Quad Combo strings.
  26. OYO Japan transfers the production and development of the PS Logger technology to Robertson Geo. Robertson Geo develops the second generation digital PS Suspension Logger.
  27. Robertson Geo develop the GeoKey Micro-Resistivity Imager. The RG HiOPTV is also launched, the second generation optical televiewer.
  28. RG 2000m Marine Winch is developed for the offshore market.
  29. Phase one of the Robertson Geo rebranding gets underway. RGS logging services fleet are upgraded to meet today’s needs.
  30. Robertson Geo launch the RGeo-Eye - a world first high speed 4 core wireline borehole camera.