Robertson Geo has an ongoing commitment to certified quality management and is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV. It is the only ISO certified logging services provider, and the only company which comprehensively calibrates all of its logging systems.

Established industry references at ELGI Hungary and the DWLBC calibration pits (API) in Adelaide, Australia provide the reference models for nuclear tool calibrations. These two references were used by Robertson Geo to establish calibration benchmarks at the Deganwy facility, and to reference the formation response in the Deganwy calibration and test well facility.

Once a nuclear tool system (probe + tool specific source) is calibrated to these recognised Industry standards, they are then run in the Deganwy calibration and test well facility to verify that the tool response is within tight tolerances established from data gathered over 25 years and 1000’s of runs. All other non-nuclear tool systems receive the same attention to detail and test well verification prior to deployment.

Only after verification in the test well confirming both tool operational function and measurement calibration are tools accepted for use.

Verification reports and calibration records are available on request.

An impressive safety record achieved in over 40 years of global operations

Safety and Quality Assurance are of prime importance in achieving a valid approach to field investigations and delivery of client requirements. Robertson Geo has demonstrated an impressive safety record of over forty years of service logging operations, based on the principles outlined in the International Association of Geophysical Contractors Land Geophysical Safety Manual.

These satisfy the requirements for its entire field services department, design, manufacturing and sales activities.