Water Well logging near Bat Shlomo, Israel

Water supply in Israel relies essentially on groundwater from shallow aquifers (Israel Coastal aquifer), deep aquifers and seawater desalination. A substantial portion of the freshwater supply relies on water abstraction from deep aquifers, which are […]

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RGeo Operational Services offering NMR services for geotechnical and hydrogeological applications

Robertson Geo and US specialist OEM Vista Clara Inc have formed a collaboration to offer NMR characterisation with the introduction to the UK of the Javelin NMR probe for data acquisition projects. Borehole NMR is […]

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The industry reference technology for high resolution seismic measurements up to a 600m depth from a single borehole

Registered trade mark granted for the Robertson Geo industry reference technology  – the PS Logger® geophysical probe. No one has more experience of the capabilities of the PS Logger® probe. Robertson Geo has been part […]

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