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The prize goes to Remi Chalmas of GEO Denmark in our competition

Rémi Chalmas of GEO recently won our prize for the best GeoUnlocked article and image. Geo, the Danish consultancy, completed geophysical and hydrogeological surveys in connection to the expansion of the Qorlortorsuaq hydroelectric power station in south Greenland at a site near to a glacier using Robertson Geo logging equipment.

We presented him with an Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ Space Grey 256GB.

Here’s a photo of Remi with his iPad – we don’t expect it will make the front page of our daily newspapers but it’s good to see and his words reflect all our thoughts at this time!

“We have received the prize and I’m delighted. This is a fine little box that I’m looking forward to using it. I’m sending this picture and hope it will suit on the front page of a tabloid newspaper. I’m sorry about the delay, but our agenda has been quite challenged with this epidemic situation. Keep strong and the best wishes to all at Robertson Geo and everyone around the globe …Courage.”

Med venlig hilsen/Kind Regards, Rémi Chalmas.

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