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Borehole televiewers: the tool of choice for geotechnical and mineral investigation

Robertson Geo is a global market leader in slim-hole logging instrumentation with in-house design and manufacturing facilities and offers a proven logging service worldwide. The expansion and maturation of the market for borehole televiewers is being matched by ongoing developments to keep abreast of demand.

Borehole televiewers provide a continuous, orientated, high-resolution representation of the borehole wall, offering many advantages to geologists and geotechnical engineers. The data provides information about geology, structure, fractures, stress orientation and acts as a template for orientating cores and providing depth control where core recovery is incomplete.

In this age of information technology, objective and precise data, captured in situ, is transferred directly from borehole to computer, where it can be stored, processed, analysed and disseminated, literally at the touch of a button.

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