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GeoKey® on the move… Another GeoKey® system shipped to West Africa

A new GeoKey® system has been shipped for land based oil and gas production drilling in West Africa. The E&P client purchased the GeoKey® logging system as part of a self-sufficiency strategy to bring open hole logging capabilities in-house.

Manufacture of the GeoKey® Triple Combo System under the ISO9001 certified manufacturing processes was completed in August of this year. The system was tested to 125°c/12,500psi in Robertson Geo’s Hydratron test facility followed by final Quality Control verification of system log response in the Deganwy test borehole.

The Hydratron stresses the logging system under real-world environmental test conditions to maximum system specification, first ramping to maximum pressure then increasing the temperature from ambient to 125°c, holding this temperature for a two hour soak test.

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