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Golden data

Over a two year period 27 exploratory boreholes were drilled to assist the location of new gold veins and expanding the scope of the mine. The proposed mine at the Curraghinalt gold deposit (Northern Ireland UK) will be the regions first modern underground gold mine.
Robertson Geo used a suite of geophysical probes and onsite surface equipment to provide important information on fault orientation and the depth of the ore deposits. The boreholes were up to 625m in depth.

The Acoustic Televiewer provides a continuous orientated high-resolution image of the boreholes, acquiring data on geology, structure, fractures, stress orientation and acts as a template for orienting cores and providing depth control where core recovery is incomplete.
For delineating known faults (a key phase in mine development). The Acoustic Televiewer acquired important data and previously unknown faults were identified.
The Magnetic Susceptibility probe identified ferromagnetic materials, providing the critical data required to identify the exact depth of minerals within the formation.



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