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New Four-Core 3,000m (10,000ft) world first high speed wireline borehole camera system

RGeo-eye® is a slimline full colour downward view camera, operating on a 4-core or coaxial cable at high transmission rate, fully compatible with existing Robertson Geo winches and surface systems. It offers pressure ratings of 5000psi and a minimum 75°C temperature rating (with 85°C & 100°C versions to be released in Q4 2020 and a 125°C version in development).

The software package provided with the RGeo-eye® camera system allows extensive operator control including – video resolution, frame rate, lighting, white balance, ‘snapshot’ mode and real time video annotations. Video is recorded in AVI and converted to MP4 for storage and replay.

RGeo-fast® delivers a world beating 1 Megabit/sec communication speed for high resolution video feed from downhole in air or water filled open or cased boreholes while allowing real-time viewing.

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