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Welcome Geo5 – Newly appointed agent/representatives for Japan

Steve Parry talking with Mr Nobuhito Nagai, Senior Managing Director:

When was Geo5 established and why Geo5?

We were established 22 August, 2001 and this year is the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. The founding members were five employees from OYO Corporation; including the Director of Sales; Director of Manufacturing and the Director of the account section. The name of “Geofive” comes from the geology and the Earth (Geo) and these five people (five). Quite simple and easy to remember! Two of the original founders of our company are still working.

How many staff are you today?

The current number of employees is fifteen with six from OYO Corporation; engineers of electronics, sales, and geophysicists.

I remember working with Mr. Goebuchi and yourself since way back in 1991. When did you join Geo5?

Our President Mr. Goebuchi joined Geo5 in 2005 and I joined in 2011. Mr. Goebuchi has of course strong links with Robertson Geo as he was one of the OYO board members of Robertson Geologging from 1997 to 1998.

What is your company’s mission?

We aim to be a true total solution provider by –

The Sale of geophysical and geotechnical equipment

Reliable Service in the field: We provide geophysical survey and analysis GPR, Resistivity, Seismic and Logging.

Technical support: We don’t just sell equipment, we support our customers from a technical point of view, on how to operate and analysis the data.

The Rental of equipment: We rent of our geophysical equipment including; GPR, Seismograph and Resistivity meters and hope to add Robertson Geo logging systems in the future.

We design and manufacture custom made products: If a customer needs solutions, we do design and manufacture them.

We have known each other and worked together for many years – how do you feel about representing Robertson Geo again?

We are very pleased that Geo5 can become a distributor of Robertson Geo products and sell logging equipment. In the future, we will provide as many Robertson Geo products as possible to Japanese customers based on our technology.

Pictured from left: Mr. Nagai, Senior Managing Director; Steve Parry and Mr. Goebuchi, President.

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