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All cased up and ready to go

Here’s a snapshot of PS Logger kits cased and ready to go at our warehouse. No one has more experience than Robertson Geo for delivering proven calibrated data offshore or onshore for the renewable energy markets.

Using in-house designed and manufactured equipment and technologies together with an unmatched understanding gained from logging many thousands of boreholes, our logging crews are highly trained, certified for offshore work and ready to be deployed worldwide. Both crews and equipment have a reputation for getting the job done in the harshest and challenging locations.

The PS Logger is our go-to probe for investigating seabed strength, providing measurements within a single borehole of high resolution shear-wave and compressional velocity data in rock and soils down to 500m. A specially designed deployment winch for offshore/onshore use and the portable Micrologger2 surface interface for data acquisition form the ready to go service package. Offshore systems have two probes, two surface units and a full set of spares, maximising vessel utilisation by avoiding costly down time

PS Logger systems are also available for rental worldwide. Training can be provided in the UK or ‘on the job’ and a comprehensive back-up and technical support system is in place.

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