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GeoUnlocked©    Issue 4 | Spring 2019

Mumbai: High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT) | Nepal - High Resolution Optical Televiewer, Micrologger2, Mini winch | Windfarm - Marine winch, HRAT, 3-arm calliper, PS Logger | Borehole Televiewers - Immediate data, processing | How Televiewers work - 3-arm caliper logging, geotechnical investigation | Hinkley Point C - High Resolution Flowmeter, Electric Log | Water well exploration | GeoMon | Ian Jones | trouble shooting | competition winner | Edward Greenley | Irrigation wells | Onsite training

GeoUnlocked©    Issue 3 | Winter 2018

Stonehenge - High Resolution Optical Televiewer | Coal Mining and Mineral Exploration - JORC, CIM, UNFC, CRIRSCO, PERC, SAMREC, SME, MRC - Formation Density, Neutron, Fluid Temperature, ELOG, Natural Gamma | GeoKey - Oil & Gas | India’s Railway - High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer | Groundwater Wells - Electric Logging Probe | Getting the Job Done - 2000m Marine Winch, offshore | H2 Railway Project - Full Wave Sonic, PS Logger, Formation Density, High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer, High Resolution Optical Televiewer

GeoUnlocked©    Issue 2 | Autumn 2018

Caliper logging in piles | Underground gas storage services | Fracture analysis with High-Resolution Acoustic Televiewers | Mineral logging in Myanmar | GeoKey® - Working with wireline | Wireline operations in Antarctica | Use of PS Logger for soil stability studies, USA | Photo competition winner | Intilog agent profile

GeoUnlocked©    Issue 1 | Summer 2018

High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer logging for gold mine fracture analysis, Ireland | Sonar survey services, UK | Trisonde RA logging services, Wales | PS logging services for windfarm seabed investigation, Denmark | Geotechnical investigation for road construction, Ireland | Hydrogeological logging in China | Geophysical logging on the world’s highest glacier, Nepal | Seabed investigation services in tidal area, UK | Operational training