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New Bedford USA Wind Farm – First large-scale offshore wind energy project in the USA

The objective is to build the first large-scale offshore wind energy project in the USA. Robertson Geo is contracted by Horizon Geosciences for this important project.

The Robertson Geo PS Logger Probe has been used for the characterisation of the marine subsurface along with a 2,000m Marine Winch, Micrologger2 (the surface interface system) and winch controller system. The equipment was deployed from the Horizon Geosciences drill ship, the Horizon Geobay. 16 boreholes have been completed with depths ranging from 50 to 70m.

The project is divided into two sections, with Vineyard Wind 1 functioning at a capacity of 800MW, enough to generate sufficient energy for one million homes. Vineyard Wind 2 is located further south and is proposed to generate 400MW with the potential to develop a further 800MW.

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