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3-Arm Caliper Logging at the Kizard Project Site, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Kizard Port is part of a large investment in transportation, industrial services, and shipping in the UAE. Although already operational, it is intended to extend the port to be one of the largest in the world by 2030.

Designed to be built over a remarkable 418 square kilometres it will become one of the world’s largest industrial zones. The huge project is a major element of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 with the objective of diversifying the economy in search of non-oil and gas revenue, it is expected within 18 years to contribute to Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP by up to 15%.

Robertson Geo 3-Arm Caliper Probe and surface and deployment equipment is in use in this image, providing a single continuity log of borehole diameters, defining the actual profiles down the length of the borehole and identifying the location of any fractures or cavities, prior to the installation of the cage and concreting of deep foundation piles.

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