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Field testing at Parys Mountain

Parys Mountain was the largest copper mine in the world at its peak of operations in the 1700’s. The mine is located just outside the town of Amlwch in North Anglesey, Wales. It featured a vast open cast pit and a network of shafts and underground workings, all mined by hand.

Anglesey Mining plc is carrying out development and exploration work at its 100% owned Parys Mountain polymetallic deposit. Permission was granted (thanks Bill Hooley and Don McCallum) for access to the site and for Robertson Geo logging tools to be tested in the water filled Morris shaft, below the main headframe.

The shaft was known to be around 300m deep, 5m diameter, concrete lined and with the water level at around 22m below ground surface. A borehole camera was run to check for obstructions in the shaft. Multiple runs of a caliper tool were run at different depths and under different line strain conditions to evaluate the effects on the dimensional measurements. The Morris shaft is ideal for this type of field testing with known dimensions and static borehole fluid conditions.

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