High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT)

The High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT) provides a continuous high-resolution oriented ultrasound image of the borehole wall.

4-Arm Dipmeter

The 4-Arm Dipmeter measures microresistivity and tool orientation data. These can be processed to determine formation dips.

High Resolution Optical Televiewer (Hi-OPTV)

The High Resolution Optical Televiewer (Hi-OPTV) provides a continuous very high resolution oriented image of the borehole walls using a conventional light source.

Sonar Caliper

The Sonar Caliper Probe has been developed to provide a scaled and orientated cross-section of large bores, shafts, caverns and trench walls; combining accurate diameter measurement with a fully orientated 360° view of its surroundings.


Four-core 3,000m (10,000ft) high speed wireline borehole camera system operating on a 4-core or coaxial cable at a high transmission.


The Elastmeter is a borehole lateral load tester designed to figure out deformation characteristics of the ground ranging from soft rock to hard rock.


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Slimhole Probe