Market leading - the world’s first 3,000m (10,000ft) high speed 4 core wireline borehole camera from Robertson Geo.
The RGeo-eye® is a registered Trade Mark of Robertson Geo.

RGeo-eye® is a slimline full colour downward view camera, operating on a 4-core or coaxial cable at a high transmission rate and is fully compatible with existing Robertson Geo winches and surface systems. Application soware supplied with the system enables control of camera functionality and real time deep subsurface video feed for the operative.

  • Borehole and casing integrity inspection
  • Surveillance of mines, shafts, caverns and voids
  • Assessment of deep concrete piles
  • Pre-logging borehole examination
  • Damage detection in subsurface structures
  • Essential well maintenance

Delivering 1 Megabit/sec communication speed

The system incorporates RGeo-fast® delivering 1 Megabit/sec communication speed enabling the acquisition of high resolution video feed from downhole (to 3000m) in air or water filled open or cased boreholes while allowing real-time viewing for the surface operative. The camera has auto focus, a frontal six LED internal array with adjustable lighting intensity, and a user selectable resolution of SVGA (800 x 600) or (600 x 600), at up to 30 frames/sec.

The acquisition soft¬ware supplied with RGeo-eye® allows screen shots to be captured and text editing whilst viewing/recording. Where more detail is required, full colour ‘snapshot’ images can also be captured at 1600 x 1200. The standard RGeo-eye® camera is rated at 75°C, with an 85°C version available later in Q4. A 100°C version to follow in 2022.


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