4-Arm Caliper (GXY)

The 4-Arm Caliper module consists of two pairs of linked caliper arms providing borehole size and orientated shape.

Downhole Tension (GDT)

The Downhole Tension module is positioned above the Telemetry section in order that it can measure the maximum possible tool weight.

Litho-Density (GLD)

The Litho-Density module combines a borehole-corrected bulk density measurement with a photoelectric lithology log (Pe).

Spectral Gamma Ray (GSG)

The Spectral Gamma Ray module analyses the energy spectrum of gamma radiation from naturally occurring or man-made radioactive isotopes.

Compensated Neutron (GCN)

The Compensated Neutron module provides an environmentally compensated porosity log in mud-filled open holes.

Dual Induction (GDI)

The Dual Induction module provides conductivity logs with deep and medium depths of investigation to profile borehole fluid invasion into the formation.

Micro-Resisitivity (GMR)

The Micro-Resistivity module provides a high-vertical-resolution micro-focused resistivity measurement within the flushed zone.

Telemetry (GTM)

The GeoKey® Telemetry module with Navigation pack is the topmost acquisition tool in the stack, immediately below the Downhole Tension/Compression module.

Compensated Sonic-CBL (GSC)

The Compensated Sonic/CBL module provides multi-spacing digital acoustic-velocity (formation-slowness) measurements with high vertical resolution.

Dual Laterolog (GDL)

The Dual Laterolog module provides deep and medium penetrating resistivity measurements using a classic laterolog-9 electrode configuration.

Micro-Resisitivity Imager (GMI)

The Micro-Resisitivity Imager module provides a high-resolution spatially oriented image of features on the borehole walls.

Ultrasonic Noise Detector (GND)

The Ultrasonic Noise Detector module detects points of entry of high-pressure gas into an open borehole by listening for an ultrasonic signature.


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