Density Gamma

The Density Gamma offers a convenient, low cost alternative to the standard Formation Density probe whenever borehole diameter is restricted and qualitative density measurements are acceptable.

Iron Ore Density

The Iron Ore Density probe includes extra collimation, different source-detector spacings and a higher activity source to extend the density range to 5g/cc for iron ore logging

Formation Density

The Formation Density probe uses dual shielded detectors to provide a borehole-compensated density measurement with good bed-boundary resolution.


The Neutron probe provides qualitative porosity logging under most borehole conditions including through steel or plastic casing and drill-pipe.

Small Source Density

The Small-Source Density probe provides calibrated and borehole-compensated density logs at sensible logging speeds using a very low activity 60Co gamma source that may not require a radiation licence in certain territories.

Dual Neutron

The Dual Neutron probe provides a calibrated borehole-compensated neutron porosity measurement in mud-filled open holes.


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