Spectral Gamma

The Spectral Gamma probe analyses the energy spectrum of gamma radiation from naturally occurring or man-made isotopes in the formation surrounding a borehole.

Formation Density

The Formation Density probe uses dual shielded detectors to provide a borehole- compensated density measurement with good bed-boundary resolution.


The Gyro probe acquires borehole inclination/azimuth logs in situations where metal casing or magnetic materials around the borehole prevent use of the standard verticality probe.

Ultra-Slim Gamma

The Ultra-Slim Gamma probe measures the activities of naturally occurring or man-made isotopes.

Induced Polarisation

The Induced Polarisation probe measures the charge separation or ‘chargeability’ in porous, water-saturated, mineralised rocks caused by the passage of a low-frequency alternating current.

Iron Ore Density

The Iron Ore Density probe includes extra collimation, different source-detector spacings and a higher activity source to extend the density range to 5g/cc for iron ore logging.

Magnetic Susceptibility

The Magnetic Susceptibility probe is based on the industry-standard Bartington Instruments™ product.


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Slimhole Probe