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RGeo Operational Services offering NMR services for geotechnical and hydrogeological applications

Robertson Geo and US specialist OEM Vista Clara Inc have formed a collaboration to offer NMR characterisation with the introduction to the UK of the Javelin NMR probe for data acquisition projects.

Borehole NMR is a technique that measures fluid volumes and the distribution of those fluids as a function of pore geometry enabling detailed characterisation of the storage and flow capacity of subsurface formations.

Effects from washout and drilling disturbance and also RF interference are effectively eliminated as the Javelin JPY238 uses multiple frequencies giving different depths of investigation. The system is deployed using a conventional wireline setup making it a cost effective means of providing a unique set of data invaluable for geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations.

Vista Clara’s NMR technology is now permanently available from RGeo Operational Services and available for immediate callout, please contact the team today to discuss your application requirements.

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The advanced Javelin NMR magnetic resonance logging tool provides direct, low-cost, high-resolution measurements of hydrogeological properties including: Volumetric water content; Pore size distribution; Bound and mobile porosity; Hydraulic conductivity and Transmissivity.

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