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The industry reference technology for high resolution seismic measurements up to a 600m depth from a single borehole

Registered trade mark granted for the Robertson Geo industry reference technology  – the PS Logger® geophysical probe.

No one has more experience of the capabilities of the PS Logger® probe. Robertson Geo has been part of its innovation, development and manufacture from the start since 1979. Today it is routinely deployed for major civil engineering and offshore projects as the industry reference go to probe for determination of soil and rock strength.

The PS Logger® is a full waveform acoustic probe, designed to measure compressional and shear wave velocities in soils and rock formations. It operates using indirect excitation rather than mode conversion as in a conventional sonic. It is capable of acquiring high resolution P and S wave data in borehole depths of up to 600m.

•  Site investigation – foundation studies, windfarms, offshore structures, dam safety  •  Physical properties of soil/rock – shear modulus, bulk modulus, compressibility and Poission’s ratio Earthquake engineering – characterization of strong motion sites  •  Velocity control for seismic reflection surveys

The industry standard PS Logger® with over 40 years of continuous development and proven data from 1,000s of boreholes globally, often in harsh offshore applications.

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